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Chinese Nine Linked Rings

Chinese Nine Linked Rings are a quintessential classic! If you [...]

Chinese Nine Linked Rings 2018-01-31T04:17:20+00:00

Red Dragon

These egg mazes by Bepuzzled further reassure our love for [...]

Red Dragon 2018-01-31T04:00:40+00:00


We don't traditionally review 3D build puzzles but this one [...]

UGEARS Safe 2018-01-30T10:51:09+00:00

Thinkmax Money Maze

All too often we find our gifts come too easily. [...]

Thinkmax Money Maze 2018-01-30T10:33:30+00:00

INSIDE3 Awful Phantom

The INSIDE3 Awful Phantom is a serious challenge. The goal [...]

INSIDE3 Awful Phantom 2018-01-31T12:26:01+00:00

Perplexus Q-Bot

Need a 3d maze on the go? Check out the [...]

Perplexus Q-Bot 2018-01-30T10:06:26+00:00

Perplexus Original

The Perplexus maze is a puzzle for the motor skills. [...]

Perplexus Original 2018-01-30T10:00:51+00:00

D-FantiX Speed 5×5

D-FantiX is well known for setting the bar high with [...]

D-FantiX Speed 5×5 2018-01-30T09:37:10+00:00

Twister Megaminx

We can all remember the early years when we first [...]

Twister Megaminx 2018-01-30T09:28:41+00:00

TANCH Dysmorphism Cube

As if matching colored sides is not enough, TANCH steps [...]

TANCH Dysmorphism Cube 2018-01-30T08:43:16+00:00