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On the Brink

On the Brink is the first of Think Fun's 3-part Programming Game Series. Have you ever been interested in learning the fundamentals of coding? This series teaches you concepts without even touching a computer! The goal is to use logic cues to guide a robot from start to finish. No coding knowledge is necessary but it certainly does help. If you are new to the realm then you'll love how well the instructions are laid out. Think Fun has taken the time to create a truly welcoming environment as well as a wonderful logic game for us die hard solvers!

Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is a personal Think Fun favorite of ours here at Puzzle iD. This takes the concept of a maze and adds gravity and a third dimension! Choose one of 60 cards ranging from easy to very challenging. The card will display an initial setup of pieces. You are also given prompts for pieces that must be placed on the board. The goal is to drop a metal ball at the highest point of the maze and have it fall and tumble through the path you have created to the red finish piece. Gravity Maze rewards forward thinking and a fundamental understanding of how each piece can be used. The solution is typically hard earned but always satisfying!

Rush Hour

Very few companies bring the logic like Think Fun. Rush Hour is no exception! Select one of 40 cards ranging in difficulty that set up the board. The goal is to then move the red car across the map. You'll need to rearrange traffic in a number of way in order to accomplish this goal. The Deluxe edition features a high quality board and attractive pieces. This logic game is surely a perfect edition to any collection.