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Thinkmax Money Maze

All too often we find our gifts come too easily. Wouldn't it be nice to build the anticipation? After all, all good things come with a little work. Enter the Thinkmax Money Maze. This is a great gift for the puzzler in your family. The Money Maze can hold money or small gifts. It won't allow access until the maze has been solved!

Old Shackles

This classic "horseshoe" style puzzle by Tavern Puzzle is a great starter to the world of brainteasers. The solution is simple and elegant with just enough fiddling around to make things interesting. If you are a beginner to brainteasers or simply love collecting all of the styles this is a must have for any collection.

Rush Hour

Very few companies bring the logic like Think Fun. Rush Hour is no exception! Select one of 40 cards ranging in difficulty that set up the board. The goal is to then move the red car across the map. You'll need to rearrange traffic in a number of way in order to accomplish this goal. The Deluxe edition features a high quality board and attractive pieces. This logic game is surely a perfect edition to any collection.