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INSIDE3 Awful Phantom

The INSIDE3 Awful Phantom is a serious challenge. The goal is to navigate a metal ball from beginning to end. At first this seems like any traditional 3D maze. That is until we learn that the maze is hidden within a cube. The only clues we get are the different levels of the maze etched into the side of the cube. INSIDE3 offers 12 levels of difficulty. The Awful Phantom is level 9 and offers the unique twist of a second "phantom" ball hidden within the cube.

The Perplexing X in a Box

The Perplexing X in a Box by Monkey Pod Games is minimalist in design yet very complex in its solution! A fair amount of thought will go into this one before the answer clicks. This beautiful stained hardwood makes a great adornment to coffee tables and bookshelves as to invite your guests to give it a whirl!

Patience Puzzle

Do you have the patience to figure out this complex arrangement? Tavern Puzzle has once again built another brain teaser that is equally brain and brawn. We place this one in the higher end of difficulty. Thankfully it comes with a carrying pouch because you may find yourself utilizing some down time to study this intricate structure.